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Have you ever wondered if blue jays and cardinals get along? While these birds may be a visual treat to birders when seen together, the truth is that blue jays and cardinals do not peacefully coexist. In fact, they have a high chance of fighting with each other after staying together for a certain period. The reason behind their rivalry lies in their aggressive behavioral traits. Blue jays, being more intelligent, often dominate and bully smaller birds like cardinals. They scare them away, steal their food sources, and even seize their eggs. So, it’s safe to say that blue jays and cardinals don’t get along.

Why Do Blue Jays And Cardinals Fly Together?

Blue jays and cardinals are popular birds across America. Watching them together is a visual treat for birders; when they witness such an event, many bird watchers assume both birds get along. But is this true? Do blue jays and cardinals actually get along? Let’s explore this topic further to find out why these birds fly together and whether or not they can stay together harmoniously.

Can Blue Jays and Cardinals Stay Together?

The answer to this question is dependent on the circumstances. While a blue jay and a cardinal may stay in one place for a limited period if there is enough food available, they do not tolerate each other’s presence for an extended duration. Although you may witness both cardinals and blue jays at the same bird feeders, there is always a noticeable distance between these two birds while consuming food. This separation is because blue jays possess an aggressive behavioral trait and often ward off smaller birds, such as cardinals. Despite sharing a space temporarily, these birds do not form long-term bonds or stay together for extended periods.

Why Don’t Blue Jays and Cardinals Get Along?

The reason for the animosity between blue jays and cardinals lies in their aggressive nature. Blue jays have a tendency to bully smaller birds, asserting dominance over them. They are known to scare away cardinals and other small birds, seize their food sources, and even steal their eggs. This aggression stems from the fact that blue jays are more intelligent than cardinals and have the ability to manipulate and control events for their own benefit. As a result, they see other bird species, including cardinals, as being beneath them. Blue jays may engage in fights or acts of aggression, particularly when defending their territories or resources. Their natural survival instinct drives them to attack other birds in groups, further cementing the conflict between blue jays and cardinals.

Do Cardinals and Blue Jays Mate?

Cardinals and blue jays do not mate because they belong to different bird families. Blue jays belong to the corvidae family, while cardinals are part of the Cardinalidae bird group. Although these two species may appear similar in appearance, they are genetically distinct and cannot successfully cross-breed. Cross-breeding is only possible between birds of the same family. For example, two different bird types of the Cardinalidae family, such as the Piranga and Habia, can be cross-bred. The same applies to birds of the Corvidae family. However, the genetic codes of birds from the Cardinalidae and Corvidae families are too different to allow for successful cross-breeding.

Are Cardinals More Belligerent Than Blue Jays?

No, cardinals are not more belligerent than blue jays. In fact, the opposite is true. Blue jays are known to be more aggressive and hostile compared to cardinals. Blue jays often work in groups to attack enemies and defend their territories. On the other hand, cardinals typically protect their territories by producing loud calls and occasionally chasing off intruders. While cardinals may exhibit some aggression in defending their territories, they are not as belligerent as blue jays.

How Can You Protect Cardinals From Blue Jays?

Blue jays can dominate bird feeders, consuming all the available food and chasing away other birds, including cardinals. To prevent blue jays from invading cardinals’ feeders, you can take a few steps to scare them away or defend against them. One effective solution is to install small cylinder feeders and fill them with seeds. These feeders are designed in a way that large birds like blue jays cannot perch on them but cardinals can easily access the food inside. By implementing this strategy, you can ensure that cardinals can peacefully eat the seeds from the feeders without interference from blue jays.

Final Words: Why Do Blue Jays And Cardinals Fly Together?

While blue jays and cardinals may be seen together when foraging for food, they do not have a harmonious relationship. Blue jays are aggressive and often bully smaller birds, such as cardinals. Despite encounters in the same vicinity, these birds exhibit hostility towards one another and engage in fights. Blue jays chase away cardinals and disrupt their feeding. It is crucial to understand that blue jays and cardinals have fundamental differences in their behavior and genetic makeup, preventing them from forming any long-term bond or staying together. Although witnessing these birds flying together may be visually appealing, it is essential to recognize the underlying conflicts that exist.

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