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Exotic birds

Exotic Birds

Unleash the vibrant wings of nature’s most extraordinary: Exotic birds that redefine beauty in flight.

common backyard birds

Backyard Birds

Birds that can be easily observed in a typical suburban or urban backyard

common songbirds


Learn about birds known for their melodious songs, including finches, sparrows, thrushes, and warbler

Feast Your Eyes: A Guide to Majestic Birds of Prey

Dive into the World of Winged Warriors

Discover the beauty and power of nature’s top predators: the Birds of Prey.

  • Bald Eagle
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Osprey

Bird Identification

Learn to identify different bird species based on physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior

Bird Watching

A guide for bird enthusiasts who want to learn about the best places to go birdwatching, what gear to use, and how to track and record bird sightings.


Explore the cultural significance of birds and the myths, legends, and stories.

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  • Are Cardinals Territorial

    Are Cardinals Territorial

    Are Cardinals Territorial? Discover the intriguing behavior of cardinals as they fiercely defend their nests, mates, and young. Learn about their response to threats, defensive displays, changes during breeding season, clashes with reflections, tolerance of humans, reaction to nest disturbance, behavior at bird feeders, and fights with other birds.

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  • Do Bluebirds And Cardinals Get Along

    Do Bluebirds And Cardinals Get Along

    Discover if bluebirds and cardinals can peacefully coexist. Learn about their feeding habits, behaviors, and interactions with other birds. Create a welcoming environment for these stunning species in your yard.

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  • Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

    Discover the fascinating world of the Northern Cardinal! From its striking appearance to its beautiful songs, learn about its cultural significance and conservation efforts. Explore tips for attracting these birds to your backyard and stay updated on bird conservation.

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  • Robin Vs Cardinal

    Robin Vs Cardinal

    Explore the world of red-colored birds in this informational post. Learn about cardinals, scarlet tanagers, summer tanagers, vermilion flycatchers, red crossbills, and pine grosbeaks. Discover the differences between cardinals and American robins, and get tips on attracting redbirds to your yard. An avian adventure awaits!

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  • Do Cardinals Use Birdhouses

    Do Cardinals Use Birdhouses

    Learn about the nesting preferences of cardinals and why they don’t use birdhouses. Discover alternative options for attracting cardinals to your yard and creating a suitable nesting environment for them.

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